Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July-August Newsletter

Families and friends of Weapons Company 1/1 this will likely be the last newsletter of this deployment as we are rapidly approaching our return home. It goes without saying that this has been a long and very challenging seven months. That cold January morning when we boarded the buses and pulled away from the parade deck seems like an eternity ago. In many ways it was.

Since that time we have rejoiced in our many victories, cursed our setbacks and cried for our fallen comrades. We fly home in a few weeks filling fewer seats than seven months ago. Weapons Company 1/1 has experienced every adjective that describes a human emotion. The various highs and lows that only those who have experienced war can truly appreciate.

In the past seven months only two things have remained constant our devotion to each other and the support from you, the families back home. I want to express my heart felt gratitude for all that you’ve done for us these past seven months. This experience should make us all appreciate just a little bit more those things that are most important in life; family and friends. If any of us should ever take our time on this earth with each other for granted we should pause and remember these four names; Lcpl Marcus Glimpse, SSgt Benjamin Williams, PFC Brandon Webb and Lcpl Christopher White. Those four great young men and their families gave the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us could enjoy the holidays, birthdays and quiet moments together yet to come. We must never forget them.

I can not express in words how truly proud I am of the Marines and Sailors of this company. Each of these young men regardless of whether they serve 4 years or 40 has earned the right to live a long and happy life. I will always be there company commander in the sense that anything I can do to help them achieve their goals I will do.

In closing; Ladies and gentlemen, we did our best. I don’t know what the future is for Iraq or for this region. All I know is that the 141 Marines and Sailors who boarded that bus back in January did the best they could to make the world a little better. In that I think we succeeded.

God bless you and thank you all.

Semper Fi,

Capt. A. A. Warthen